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 Post subject: Re: Are you a starseed?
Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:31 am 
Old Soul

Joined: Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:21 pm
Posts: 25
1) An aversion to bright unnatural lighting, yet solace found in natural sunlight.

2) An aversion to reptiles, amphibians, and snakes. [Reptillian seeds often are obsesively attracted to these however.]
NO. I think some are quite cute. I think this reptilian phobia meets a very human age-old need to find physical symbols of evil in innocent animals (and each other). In the middle ages it used to be cats, later it has been bats, goats and what have you. Pretty much everything with a non-round pupil was interpreted as evil. Except the multifaceted eye of the fly, somehow this animal never got the blame for anything, even though it's actually the most lethal animal on the planet by spreading disease. Humans are not logical.

3) Sensitivity to extreme hot or cold.
YES, and not only to extreme temperatures but more like extreme discomfort from the most minute fluctuations.

4) An extreme sensitivity to pain.

5) A feeling of being very different from most others.
YES! Always.

6) A memory or memories of a profound experience around the ages 5 to 9, usually having something to do with "aliens," UFO's, or stars. This could also include spiritual visions of earth creatures or people.
NO. But there were profound changes in my family life at that time.

7) An obsession with the stars and/or outer space.

8) Having an "imaginary" childhood friend that seemed to speak of its own accord, as if they were a separate entity. This sometimes continues into adulthood.

9) Attraction to the colors green, blue, and purple, especially the lighter/softer colors such as sky-blue and lavender.

10) Accute hearing/above average hearing range.

11) Extreme sensitivity to excessive or clamourous noise.

12) A driving need to get away from "normal" people to either be alone, or seek out someone who shares your interests in spiritual matters.
YES, love being alone.

13) An inner desire and knowing to "do what is right" even though these things were not taught, but often feeling trapped as a child and expressing ones self in ways that are troubling to others.

14) Hyperactivity as a child.
NO, but some ADD traits.

15) Extreme sensitivity or extreme tolerance to alcohol, medicines, drugs.
YES. Ridiculously so.

16) Creating within ones own mind "fantasy" worlds that often include alien life, journeys to other planets, and places beyond the stereotypical "fantasies" of earth.

17) Dreams involving flying in bodily form or astral projection.

18) Prophetic dreams, visions, or mental suggestions that later come to pass.
A few

19) Being empathic.

20) Having a desire to heal.

21) Having a desire to try to "save the world" or straiten out problems in the world.

22) A solid beleif that there is an all-powerfull, all-knowing deity, even though you may not have been taught about "God."
Sort of, jury is still out on that one.

23) Having a nagging feeling that most religions, both orthodox and unorthodox, are missing some key elements in their teachings.

24) An almost obsessive desire to search out the missing elements of spiritual teachings not found in religion.
Not exactly obsessive, more of a curiosity.

25) Missing time, extra slow time, or speeding time.
No missing time but my sense of time really sucks.

26) Having experienced being in one place, then in the blink of an eye being somewhere else. [teleportation/bilocation]

27) Knowing you have been in a certain place, but others who you saw in the same place claim you were not there. [invisibility/cloaking/phasing]

28) A connection to animals that is above average.

29) Telepathic communication with animals.
NO, but I have automatic empathy with most animals.

30) Attraction to birds of prey such as Hawks and Eagles.
YES, seeing one can make my day. (But how is that relevant?)

31) A special attraction to cats - all cats seem to be your friend.
YES, love cats!

32) Attraction to "power animals" such as Bear, Wolf, or Buffalo
NO (How is that relevant?)

33) Aversion to city living - strong desire to live in a rural and natural environment.
Mind loves town, body prefers the country.

34) Knowing something is gravely wrong with society without having this knowledge preached to you by doomsday prophets, or conspiracy theorists - you see it yourself and evaluate it within your own mind.

35) A very deep inner pull that seems to constantly make you aware that you are more than you are, and you need to be finding out what and why.
YES, sort of.

36) Extreme aversion to violence, fighting, and war.

37) Having a deep desire to form a union with one person of the opposite sex for life. Even having this urge as a child.
NO, I'd prefer a group and feel claustrophobic in relationships.

38) Having an awareness of romantic attraction and love prior to the age of 10.
YES. That can hardly be unusual?

39) Having blonde or red hair in your gene pool [even if your own hair is different]
YES (How is that relevant?)

40) Being attracted to either very pale complexions, or olive/reddish complexions.
NO, I thought my pale skin was ugly and wanted to be dark brown.

41) Having an above average IQ.
Moderately so.

42) Aversion to either extreme male dominant religion or extreme female dominant religion - knowing there is a balance.

43) Attraction to powerful things in nature, such as thunderstorms, lightning, waterfalls, and surf.

44) Attraction to ancient symbols.

45) Being an avid reader who "drinks in" knowledge quicker than the "average" person.
Only on subjects of interest.

46) Having an interest or attraction to such fields of science as archaeology, astronomy, or quantum physics.
Not really. Some interest in quantum mechanics but other subjects take precedent.

47) Aversion to mundane employment, repetitive tasks, "dead-end" jobs. Not satisfied with working for others, but more than willing to work doing something [which you have yet to discover, but know is out there]

48) Aversion to sexual joking, racial joking, or foul language.
In moderation is fine with me, I'm not especially hypersensitive in that regard and care more about emotion and intent than about the words being 'clean' enough.

49) Expectation of great changes upon Earth in the near future.
YES, but it's not exactly something I feel enthusiastic about.

50) A nagging suspicion that you are more than your parents offspring, that you have some unfulfilled mission, and that the implications of these matters have powerful and eternal consequeces for both yourself and the Earth.
Something to that effect.

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